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Randy's first thought is ALWAYS for the dogs in his care. He is as good at training owners how to handle their dogs as he is at training the dogs themselves, something we found was extremely important


Randy has a love and passion for dogs and teaching. He has a direct, no nonsense, yet thoughtful style of instruction. Like a great coach that you can tell truly loves his players. He was very clear that he would and he did do everything he could to make sure that if we did our part we would be successful in developing basic obedience skills with our dog. He was very mindful to adjust the curriculum and intensity to an appropriate level for my little girl. He didn't let up on holding us accountable for practicing what he taught us and I am incredibly thankful for that. My daughter was instructed to be the handler from the start. By our 5th training session my daughter looked like a mini dog whisperer.  In the end my daughter has her dog responding to commands. I receive compliments that my dog is so well behaved and does so well listening to me. The unexpected gift is that my daughter has grown beyond measure in the process and is not the same kid she was when we started and frankly I'm not the same either. We are all better for it.


Randy's balanced training methods were effective for my two stubborn and energetic Weimaraners. He does not try to change a dog's spirit, but instead determines how they best respond to correction and reward. He quickly bonded with my dogs and always showed them love after a correction. By balancing correction with affection and reward, my dogs learned quickly and never lost the wonderful and wacky qualities of the breed. Over the years, I had been trained much differently and Randy probably spent more time retraining me, but with lots of practice between sessions, I was able to quickly see results. Behavior issues at home began to disappear once my dogs began to view me as their pack leader. Training takes consistent work but I know that if I ever need a refresh or to train at a more advanced level, I can count on Randy always.


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