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Obedience Training

Basic Obedience:

Leash training, sit on command, sit and stay, down, down and stay, bed placement, come (within 6 feet), heal, look, leave it and wait. The dog will be trained to obey the preceding commands by verbal communication only.  $600.00 - 6 lessons (Prices are Subject to Change.)

Intermediate Obedience: Includes basic obedience skills, but is done on a 30’ lead. The dog will be trained to learn hand signals and verbal commands, recalled from a further distance and is prepared for advanced obedience training.  ($1,500.00 - 15 lessons (Prices are Subject to Change.)

Advanced Obedience: Includes basic and intermediate obedience skills, the dog will learn to back up, heel and recall from a further distance off leash using hand signals only (if desired). Your dog will be able to be off leash at the end of the training. $3,000.00 - 30 lessons

*An e-collar may be recommended or requested at an additional cost.  (Prices are Subject to Change.)


During a consultation appointment, Randy, the trainer, will discuss your expectations of what you want out of your training.  Your dog will assessed and you will have an opportunity to discuss the services that best fit your goals.  

Behavior Modification

Techniques will vary with behavioral modification.  During your consultation your dog will be evaluated and a course of action will be discussed.  Prices vary. Contact us for more information

Board and Train 

Board and train options are a great way to move forward quickly.  You still will have to do the work at the end to be a team with your family members, but your dog will know all the commands that are required.  Board and train appointments are on a case by case basis and are determined if it is a good fit by an evaluation of the dogs temperament.  Board and train arrangements are scheduled by availability. Prices vary on the specific details of the board and train. Contract of all cost and details to be signed 7 days prior to the commencement of the board and train.

Service Dog Training 

We offer Service Dog, Emotional Support & Therapy Dog Training.  Once you have finished your training, we can walk you through getting your certification or we can take care of the details for you. (Prices Vary for Each Individual) Contact Us for more details. 

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